Media personality Bonang Matheba says if she had a child and the child told her she wants to get into entertainment, her answer would be no! Actually in her words it would be; “Hell No!”.
Speaking to a crowd for The Masters of Success project in Namibia earlier this year Bonang said that the entertainment industry is quite a hard one and it takes someone with a thick skin.
“This thing is terrible, an not terrible in the sense that one says; ‘Make it stop’ but there is so much that comes with it, that it withers away at the reasons why it was meant to be good in the first place,” she explained.
“The is so much pressure, so much turmoil and so much expected of you that you get to a point where you forget why you started doing it in the first place,” Bonang added.
Bonang went on to say that in entertainment there is a lot of hate at times from people on social media, some pressures and hate comes from tabloids as well as sometimes the competing between peer and friends. Such stuff she says weighs one down.
Source: MTC Namibia
Pic: DRUM Archives