By now you know that SA race driver Gugu Zulu passed away yesterday. Gugu passed away on Monday morning while attempting to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. After experiencing breathing problems on Sunday, Gugu was rushed to hospital.
When the news broke that he had died early Monday, television personality and actress Boity Thulo took to social media to rant about why the news had been broken by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, before informing his wife Letshego Zulu. Boity was not aware that his wife knew as she was by his side even till he died.
“How do you release a statement to the rest of the country when you have not yet in formed HIS WIFE?????? That is incredibly selfish & crude!,” Boity tweeted.
“I am shattered!  It makes NO SENSE!!!!! How was the foundation this negligent with something so tragic & sensitive???!,” Boity added.
After a couple of tweet rants, some of her followers told her she was mistaken. Of course Boity hasn’t comeback to apologise about the rant.
Boity’s quick response without full knowledge makes us wonder if we should all verify facts more before just Tweeting.