BAFANA BAFANA star, Andile Jali, is accused of stealing from his former friend!
Sunday Sun has learnt the Belgium-based soccer star was taken to court by a Matatiele-based businessman and politician, Mohato Moshoeshoe, over a “stolen” youth development idea.
According to sources, the two were close friends, but have now become sworn enemies.
A source said Mohato was heartbroken when Andile allegedly used his fame to persuade the Matatiele Local Municipality to fund “his” idea to develop soccer in their home town.
A source said Andile approached the municipality with the same development project idea Mohato’s been running since 2008 – Matatiele Hotspurs.
“Mohato and Andile were once close friends, but since the soccer player decided to go to the municipality and ask for funding behind Mohato’s back, and arranged for the same games at the same time and in the same place, the good laughs ended and finger-pointing began,” said the source.
Another source said Mohato wanted to teach Andile a lesson.
“Mohato said he wasn’t going to sit and watch while Jali takes all the credit for his hard work,” claimed the source. . He’s put in many sleepless nights.He vowed he’d not let Andile enjoy the praise for something he didn’t work for.”
When Sunday Sun contacted Mohato, he confirmed the dispute with Andile and that it ended up in court. But he didn’t divulge any further information.
He said they worked together when Andile donated soccer kit in 2013 and 2014, but that the player started dragging his feet in 2015.
I didn’t have a problem as it was my thing. The problem started last month when Andile emerged with the same games and wanted them to be played on the same dates as mine. That’s when I took the matter to court,” Mohato said.
He didn’t want to elaborate on his relationship with the soccer star, but confirmed they were no longer on speaking terms.
The court ruled that the two should continue with the games as it’s benefitting the community but they shouldn’t be at the same venue or played simultaneously.
Jali could not be reached for comment as he’s overseas.
His manager Mike Makaab said: “I know nothing about this.” He refused to comment further.