Some of you may recognise her as the winner of Top Actor SA 2015 or the host of BET Buzz. 
Now she is one of the new faces on etv’s Scandal!. 
Altovise Lawrence plays the role of Chantal on the popular soapie. Alto, as she’s popularly known, said the role means a lot to her. 
Speaking to SunBuzz, she said: “I have been following Scandal! for the past four years. Their storytelling and the quality of their acting made me want to be part of the show. 
“Acting as a coloured woman is incredible. I feel we are misrepresented and made to look a certain way. I represent all the other coloureds that look just like me,” she said. 
The actress from Reiger Park, Ekurhuleni said she had to audition three times before she got the nod. 
Her character, Chantal, found a love interest in Stokkies. 
Things went well until she found out Stokkie had been lying to her about what he does for a living. 
When asked whether there were any similarities between her and Chantal, she said: “I made the conscious decision to make her the opposite of me. I’m usually outspoken, while she’s quiet. She’s the
single mum of a disabled boy but she never lets anything get her down. I’m not a mum, but I protect the people I love.” 
She has also been cast in a new American drama series called Blood Drive, which is currently being shot in Cape Town.
- Catch Alto on Scandal!, which airs on etv at 7.30pm on weekdays. 

Source: dailysun