Reneilwe is head over heels in love with Zolani, but is this a genuine relationship? Here are five signs that Zolani could be her “blesser.” Rhythm City, weekdays 7PM.

1. He’s older and more influential in the work place.

Zolani is the boss at 9-Nine and Reneilwe is an intern. She started out as a temporary intern while Mampho was gone, but when Zolani realised that Reneilwe had feelings for him, he fired Mampho and gave Reneilwe a job so that he could see her more often.

2. He buys her things and takes her out on trips

From take-away’s to jewellery, and dinners at expensive restaurants. Zolani spoils Reneilwe with things she would otherwise not be able to buy for herself. He also recently took her to a hotel where she got a massage for the very first time.

3. They are in an intimate relationship but he wants to keep it a secret

Reneilwe is happy about being in the relationship and is not too concerned about her friends knowing. But Zolani wants to keep their relationship a secret from the people he works with, his friends and his family. He also hasn’t told her that he is engaged to someone else.

4. He refuses to take her to his house

They’ve had sex in his office, at hotels and even at the Khuse home. But never at Zolani’s house. Reneilwe has asked to visit him at his house several times, but he always has an excuse.

5. Her friends don’t approve of the relationship

Mampho and Bash think that Zolani is shady. Bash recently confronted him and called him a sugar daddy who uses flashy things to get young girls to sleep with him. It also seems like Zolani is not really interested in Reneilwe’s life outside of their relationship.

What do you think about Reneilwe and Zolani’s relationship?