South Africa’s one and only first lady of entertainment Pearl Thusi the ‘Real Black Pearl’ always slays everything she sets her hands on.
Her most recent achievement was landing an international gig on an American series ‘Quantico’.

No matter where she is, she turns head, no what she does, she slays it, no matter what the gig or where the place its at, if its a project given to Pearl, she’ll definitely turn copper to gold. With that being said, we came up with a few reasons of our own as to why Pearl Stays winning:
1. She’s multi-talented – She’s an actress, a model, television presenter, radio presenter  and a business woman.
2. She always keeps on trend – From fashion to entertainment, if it’s trending, it’s most likely because she was wearing it or because she starred in the lead role.
3. She stands up for herself – Even when she’s bullied on social media, Pearl doesn’t take it lying down.
4. She’s consistent – When ever she’s half way done with one project, we’ve already learned that at the halfway mark, she’s bound to have a new project on the way, she’s that consistent.
5. She reinvents herself – Pearl always finds new ways to improve small aspects of herself to make her personality and her star shine even brighter than before, small changes tends to have big impacts
Source: drum