A RAPE victim is demanding justice!

A night of fun turned into a night of horror for Lerato Selebi. The life of the 24-year-old girl, from Etwatwa in Ekurhuleni, has been turned upside down by someone she once considered a friend.
Lerato is devastated after being raped by a childhood friend.
“On 2 July, I went out with a few of my friends for a night of fun. It was a Saturday and we wanted to spoil ourselves as ladies. The night started off well as we went to Lepeng pub and grill.
“We had been chilling there for the most part of the night until we got a call from a friend who told us they were having a party and we should come. We decided to go, and on our arrival, we met up with old friends.”
Lerato said the suspect was someone she went to school with.
They were all having a good time at the party but then Lerato decided to have an early night.
“I decided to go home and the suspect offered me a lift which I did not mind because he was someone I had known for a very long time and it was not the first time I had been in his car.”
Lerato says the suspect drove in a different direction and she could clearly see he was not taking her home.
“He stopped in the middle of a field and started making moves on me, but when I rejected him, he started to get violent and aggressive. He started choking me and asked me who I thought I was. He said I could not drive in his car for free and started tearing off my top. When I tried to scream for help, he put his hand over my mouth. He is a very muscular men so he overpowered me and forcefully had sex with me.
“He threatened to kill me if I told anyone, before dropping me off.”
Etwatwa police spokesman Warrant Officer Ramothakhi Maqabe said: “A case of rape has been opened but no 
arrests have been made as the case is still under investigation.”