It seems like women will never catch a break.
Just two weeks ago, people were up in arms after True Love magazine shared unedited pictures of Lerato Kganyago. This was after she made it clear that she wasn't happy with how the June cover portrayed her. 

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The magazine was slammed by various people, including celebrities and politicians, with some labeling what the magazine did as "body-shaming". 
Now Luthando "Lootlove" Shosha has experienced an incident of her own on her social media pages. The TV personality took to Instagram to share a picture of her South African Music Awards (SAMAs) dress on Saturday, and some of the comments were very negative.
While some fans complemented her look, others couldn't help but leave mean comments. 
One wrote: "Team cellulite." Another one, who clearly needs to grow up, wrote: "Why Is the knee dark though." And the shaming continued, as one comment read: "Dimples cc ...tone up!"
Some people are exhausting... 
Not everyone was mean, of course, and some people were actually shocked by all the negative comments. 
"Looking at the negative comments and I'm shocked that black women can think it's alright to pull each other down like this. It's so scary that women think that it's fine to say these horrible things. Big up to the women who see beauty and lift it up. Let's pull forward," read a comment. 
Lootlove also took to her page to share her reaction to the negativity. 
When will people grow up?
Source: zalebs