It looks like Atandwa Kani and his wife Fikile Mthwalo are tired of being silent. 
This couple, who secretly tied the knot months ago, had us all shocked when they suggested they hadn't watched Our Perfect Wedding because of Thembisa Mdoda. 
Thembisa, who is Atandwa's ex, is the host of the popular Mzansi Magic show. As expected, Anele stepped in and defended her sister. 
Now Fikile has fired back. She took to Instagram to make it clear that their silence should not be mistaken for weakness.

Okay, that's not bad. 
However, things turned south after one fan mentioned that the caption was childish, and Fiksie and her hubby felt the need to tell the fan to grow up. 
And then came the shots at the Mdoda sisters. By shots, we mean Fikile referring to Anele and Thembisa as "team Anele/Thembisa with hashtag no ring or baby daddy x 2". Ouch!
But that's not where it ended. The fan also wrote: "She's [Fikile] fighting battles that have nothing to do with her..." The fan added that they're disappointed in the actress. 
The It's Complicated star replied: "He's [Atandwa] my husband, and you're STILL talking. You're NOT more entitled than I am on this issue. I will comment on what I want to."
Fikile mentioned that people don't even know who or what they're talking about. She added: "And I've have kept quiet and let them whine. And they bank on the fact that I've been quiet. Mxm! They ghunnah learn!"
Image credit: Twitter
Source: zalebs