What's a rapper without some diva tendencies?
Nasty C was accused of giving the South African Music Awards (SAMAs) the middle finger earlier this month, after he refused to perform at the show. This led to him being labelled as a "diva". 
However, the rapper has set the record straight in an interview with SlikourOnLife. 
On why he didn't perform, he told Slikour: "No disrespect for the SAMAs or whoever's behind that, but it is true. I mean for them to just get artists because of how they are in the game right now if they're relevant, and just get you for two minutes - no production, no nothing - for me it was like, listen... I don't know." 
He explained that they wanted him to perform a portion of one song.  "Not even one song, two minutes..." 
Image credit: Instagram
Source: zalebs