I wonder what is the reason most Africans are not proud of being Africans.  Recently most of South African super stars celebrity become  traditional healers / Sangoma. 

When will be the time you will fill freedom to go to a  traditional healers / Sangoma and get sick leave letter to submit at work as black person.  Even those celebrity went to public about their practice of traditional healer are still not happy about talking it freely in public. 

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The sultry Club 808 presenter has come under fire after sharing a picture of herself in traditional healer regalia.

Boity took to Instagram to share and celebrate her ancestral calling over the weekend clad in full traditional healer gear, captioning her post: “The Proudest, most Incredible day of my life. A Beautiful Gift that I will never take for granted.”

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Not everyone was happy, with others praising her for following her calling while others shared their disappointment in her decision.

Obed Mabula remarked, “may God bless you @boity this is your life… people will always talk whether its good or bad… so our opinions don’t really matter!” while Max Mtshali said: “The devil is running out of time , he knows the end in approaching so he’s making sure that he gains lot of people . Now he is using known faces so that people will think calling is a normal thing . Some say ” am proud of you , wow it’s african sisi, well done….”

Sunday World reported that Boity was overheard confirm that she did complete her traditional healer training, although she will not as one.

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“Yes I did go thwasa but I’m not going to practise as a sangoma. This is a very sensitive matter that I don’t want to talk about in the media. It’s a personal matter and way too deep to be reduced into a celebrity gossip in the newspaper. It’s a secret. It’s so much deeper,” Boity said.