As news of the radio presenter’s resignation continues to send shockwaves around SA‚ the big question is who will be replacing Tbo Touch?

There are three names that have been thrown into the ring — all of them with an equal chance at the station. We break down all the speculation.
Phat Joe: When Tbo Touch was suspended in April Phat Joe stood-in for the DJ. Joe already has a show on Metro and insiders tell us that he is a strong candidate for the position. At the same time‚ Joe has also been in trouble with the broadcaster‚ being taken off air previously. His name was the first thrown into the ring and as soon as Tbo’s resignation was confirmed‚ fans immediately put forward Phat Joe as an option.
DJ Fresh: There was speculation on social media that DJ Fresh might be taking up the slot at Metro but our insiders have rubbished this‚ saying it “just won’t happen.” Fresh currently hosts a breakfast show on 5FM and has been successful in the position since Gareth Cliff left the slot. “There is no way that Fresh will make the move. It’s not an option‚” says our insider.
Somizi: Last month it was announced that Somizi would be joining a radio station at the public broadcaster. While details are still vague‚ with the SABC telling us more details will be made available when the time is right‚ there was talk that Somizi may now be up for the gig.
Touch resigned on June 21 and is serving a 30 day notice period at the station. The SABC has confirmed that while there is no decision as yet‚ sources tell us that things have “changed a lot since the announcement.” So‚ for example‚ while Somizi was up for a certain gig‚ a new opportunity has opened and the game has changed.
The SABC has hinted that it already has some idea of who could be taking the spot‚ but at the same time‚ insiders insist that it might be a case of not just one person‚ but instead two high-profile people.
Watch this space...