If you're a Donald Trump supporter looking for love, have I got bizarre news for you. 
Self-identified Republican David Goss, 35, has created a dating site called TrumpSingles.com so you can meet the Trump supporter of your dreams, the New York Post reports
Goss says he started the site because of the "special stigma" that comes with being a Trump supporter, which he claims makes it harder for people like him to date. 
The site (which has over 500 members since the site went live in May) is free to join, but if you want to send more than one message a day to all those right-wing dreamboats, it's $4.95 a month. 
When I first saw TrumpSingles.com, I assumed it was a joke, but Goss says the impact the site has had on people is very real. Goss told the Post, "People have told me that they're so happy they can finally go on dates without worrying about political differences."
Glass half full, if you're not a Trump supporter, at least you can rest assured that most of them are chilling within the confines of this site. 
Source :cosmopolitan