It is alleged that the Nigerian famous prophet and the founder of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) Prophet T B Joshua revealed one of the shocking prophecies about South Africa.
Known for his accurate predictions and prophecies on the state of nations, Prophet T B Joshua revealed on a live service that South Africa has to tighten up their state security or risk being attacked by terrorists.
“Let’s all raise our hands towards the south, Let us say a word of prayer for South Africa, I am seeing a dark cloud looming over the nation. They have to tighten up their security because terrorist attacks are being planned to attack the Southern African nation.”
“The security needs to take care of even the smallest details, secure all boarders, all ports and most importantly the air ports,” said Prophet TB Joshua.
Prophet TB Joshua recently prophesized about the trouble being endured by the South African president, President Jacob Zuma and described it as a normal phase in a democratic nation.
Source : imzansi