Idols SA judge, reality star, choreographer and entertainer Somizi Mhlongo just gave #OpenUpTheIndustry the middle finger.

Taking to his social media Somizi addressed the issue saying; “Has it ever dawned on you that, for us in the industry this could be our only job?”

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Somizi went on to say that if people are so passionate about #OpenTheIndustry maybe they should leave their job as an example first. “I don’t wake up and go to Woolies and become an assistant manager and then after five I go present, or host or choreograph. No, if there’s no gigs, I’m screwed.”

“So what you mean I must give other kids a chance? Relax, sit at home?” he added.

The #OpenTheIndustry debate has been going on for a couple of months now, people were complaining that its time new faces entered the entertainment industry.

See Somizi address it below;