The woman who was featured in the new miracle by the snake pastor has died after developing complications in her bowels and having a burst appendix. The unnamed woman died at home because she refused to seek medical attention after the snake pastor ran a car over her to demonstrate God’s power.
In the ‘miracle’, the snake pastor Penuel Mnguni can be seen driving over two people at a conference in Mpumalanga. In a long facebook post, it was alleged the pastor commanded two members to sleep on the floor while am moving car drove over them.
The post further stated that the controversial religious leader then instructed them to wake up while the car was on top of their bodies.
“He then asked them if they felt any pain and their response was ‘we do not feel anything.’ Prophet Penuel proceeded by reversing the car and again he commanded them to wake up. By amazement they stood up and began to dance and praise God together with the rest of the congregants,” read the post.
However, it has now emerged that one of the woman in the miracle developed ‘complications’ during the same night and said she felt something leaking in her stomach. The pastor was made aware of the situation but instead refused to have the woman taken to hospital saying she only needed to be prayed for. An hour later, she was dead.
Mnguni has been dogged by controversy since he made his debut feeding Soshanguve, Tshwane, congregants fish and rats and encouraging them to eat hair weaves.
He presented a defiant front when summoned by the commission. He disappeared for a long time before eventually surfacing and telling the commission he was anointed by God to do what he did.
The 24-year-old also disappeared from the religious scene for several months after Soshanguve residents sent him packing.
Source : Online