Singer and Rhythm City actress Cici has opened up about how she was offered deals in exchange for sex but chose to take the high road instead.

Cici's star may be on the rise but it wasn't always the case for the songbird, who spent 13 years trying to crack into the industry.
Speaking to Pearl Modiadie on Zaziwa recently Cici revealed how she was offered lucrative deals but had to sleep with men to get them - which she refused to do.
Instead Cici stayed true to herself and her eye on making her dreams a reality.
“I kept my head high and continued to be true to my values. I have 24 nieces and nephews and they look up to me, so I knew no matter what I couldn’t give up,” she said.
Cici added that trying to crack into the industry for 13 years was a really difficult time in her life.
“It had been 13 years trying to make it in the industry-  it was hard to get to live the life of my dreams.”
The songbird also revealed that her mom has been one of her biggest supporters over the years and makes a point if letting her know how proud she is of her.
Earlier this week it was announced that Cici had bagged a role on's hit soapie Rhythm City and made her debut on the show on Friday.