Ring of Lies actress Tessa Twala had to endure sexist and demeaning remarks from a client of a company she was working for before gaining recognition in the performing arts last year.

With no acting experience, Twala took to the craft like a duck to water playing sex kitten Lexi on season 3 of the popular but now defunct Mzansi Magic township soapie, Zabalaza.
Twala, in her second big role as Gugu , is gracing the small screen on the new Mzansi Magic telenovela Ring of Lie s. Gugu is a girl growing up without parents after her mom died when she was a toddler.
"I had this first job. I was working as a consultant for a payment solutions company. I have put my marketing management studies with Unisa on the back burner for now. Acting is my priority," says Twala.
"But one of their clients had sexist tendencies. I could not take it. This made me realise this is not for me, so I quit immediately.
"I could not stomach the attitude that this man gave me. It was as though he was doing me a favour by being the company's client.
"I was a rookie with no experience in acting when I joined Zabalaza, but I quickly adapted because it was something I wanted to do after many odd jobs that gave me little or no joy."
The 26-year-old Swazi beauty, who was born in Matsapa, says because her mother lived and worked in Cape Town, it was only natural for her to join her in Mzansi.
"My character, Gugu, becomes a lose cannon after growing up under the guidance of her aunt, who gave her love and affection. In her teens she finally finds freedom but misuses it."
Gugu loves the finer things in life and falls in love with a man far older than her to satisfy her desire for a lavish lifestyle.
"The character relates to so many women out there. It actually hurts my heart when I watch my character going through so much. She is mistreated by a man because she needs money for school supplies," she says.
"Gugu throws herself at anybody she thinks can give her love. It's painful because what I portray is what is happening in real life."
Gugu falls for a man her age, Kabelo, with whom she has a similar background . She is nearly raped by her sugar daddy.
Catch Ring of Lies on Mzansi Magic every Monday to Thursday at 9pm.