Despite her love for acting, Rebecca Malope has never been lucky in landing a role as an actress.
Award-winning Gospel singer Rebecca Malope opened up to Drum about wanting to pursue an acting career, but due to her fame and the name she carries, it became impossible to land a role.
“It’s hard for directors to see me as anything other than Rebecca the singer, so people actually burst out laughing when I am on set,” she told the publication.
Imagine a director bursting out laughing at one of South Africa’s biggest Gospel celebrities?
Rebecca also revealed that people do not hire her because she is too expensive. Although Rebecca did not disclose how much she charges, she still believes that people can’t get over her being a Gospel superstar.
This year marks Rebecca's 30th year within the music industry.
She recently spoke to ZAlebs about the importance of hard work and for young creatives to not be blinded by fame when entering the entertainment industry.
"Honestly, nothing beats hard work and being focused on your goals and just being determined at all times. God is always there to guide you, all the way. Also, I’d like to say to they young ones that they must not be blinded by fame, fame is dangerous," she said.