Polokwane – According to Mzansi Live,a Limpopo based Malawian Sangoma claims that he is the source of powers which are being used by the leader of End Times Disciples Ministries Penuel ‘snake pastor’ Mnguni ,Prophet Paseka Motsoeneng, also known as Prophet Mboro and many other South African and Malawian pastors
“I have the power to attract followers, the power to perform fake miracles and the masses will believe it, the secret is to blind the congregants and extort money from innocent worshippers. I can make a pastor “a god like” figure to his followers.
“It takes blood of three male babies and three black goats to be initiated and monthly doses of blood to keep the power flowing. These famous pastors come here each and every full moon to give their sacrifices.
Asked about how he feels when the innocent worshippers are being misled by his fake powers.
“Following power is a choice, I follow ancestors, the pastors are my followers and they (pastors) also need followers. Some of them however are abusing my powers. One abused it by going to heaven (which he did but in his dreams) and the other is feeding his followers with the snakes I gave him to breed.
“Abuse of power has serious implications and attracts heavy sacrifices,” he said.
Source : mzansilive.co.za