A pre-school in Pretoria has come under fire after a picture showing a black toddler "separated" from her white mates.

A woman who says she is the cousin to the black child‚ Kefhiloe Mokoka‚‎ took to her Facebook page to share the picture‚ which shows the child sitting alone during lunch with four white toddlers next to her together at another table.
''Someone please tell me what is wrong with this picture‚ or maybe my family is over-reacting. That child sitting all alone in the next table with no cupcake is my 19-month-old cousin at her pre-school somewhere in Centurion‚" Makoka said.
According to Mokoka‚ the picture was sent to the mother by Koetjes en Kalfjes Heritage Hill Campus‚ which is the school the child attended when the picture was taken.
"This picture was sent by the school to the mother. Either they really wanted her to take her child out or they are so blind they can't see what is wrong with this picture‚" Makoka added.
Gauteng MEC for Education Panyaza Lesufi visited the Centurion based pre-school on Thursday afternoon.
"I am here at the school with the principal. All kids are white taught by white teachers. Blacks are just maids here! Disgusting‚" Lesufi said.
"We have to act decisively so I've assigned a social worker to immediately do what is right."
Labelling the pre-school as problematic‚ he said: "It will change! Mark my words!"
Home Affairs spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete said: "I think cadres must find that creche and we must descend upon them with cupcakes in hand."
Social media user Nangamso Koza commented: "Dear Black SAfricans. Stop sending your kids to these racists white-owned and -run creche. What do I think will happen? Build your own."