Eye Witness News has reported that The Equality Court in KwaZulu-Natal has ordered real estate agent Penny Sparrow to pay R150,000 to the Adelaide and Oliver Tambo Foundation as punishment for her racist comments.
The ANC took legal action against her after she compared black people to “monkeys” in a Facebook post earlier this year.
At the time, she was complaining about people who litter on Durban’s beaches around New Year’s Day.

When Sparrow failed to show up for her hearing today, her daughter Charmaine Cowrie asked the court for a postponement.
She told Judge Irfaan Khalil that her mother was sick and unable to find a lawyer who would represent her.
The ANC’s attorney, Peter Williams, says the judge wasn’t convinced by that argument.
Williams says Sparrow has been found guilty of hate speech.
“We see now an increase in the culture coming into our communities and it must stop coming into our communities.”
The ANC’s lawyer added that the postponement was denied.
“Furthermore, the court has ordered her to pay the cost of the application as well. This is quite unusual because normally in the Equality Court, cost orders are not made unless the court feels there are compelling reasons and it wants to express its disapproval.”
She has to pay the money within 60 days.
Source : ewn.co.za