Orlando nightclub shooting Video – In this video, gunshots are heard as people take cover and hide from the attacker. 20 feared dead so far

The Orlando nightclub shooting video was a trending topic Sunday morning after details emerged that there was a mass shooting incident in an Orlando night club. The gunman was identified as Omar Mateen, a 29 year old man.

According to CNN, this happened inside a gay club in Orlando, in what is believed to be a domestic terror attack. The attack was shot and killed by policemen. One of the policemen involved was injured when a bullet struck his helmet

Another conflicting report by Fox news indicates that 50 people were killed during the shooting . A state of emergency was later declare in Florida

Here are some reactions from social media regarding the domestic terror attack and the Orlando nightclub shooting video

  • Seph Lawless: Mass murder at a gay night club celebrating Latin night? This is what happens when American politics becomes saturated in nothing but fear and ignorance.
  • Mark Gagner: Foreign media reported a few hours ago the identify of the gunman as Omar Mateen , and that he had been radicalized over the past several months. So why is the American media silent?
  • Ankit Goyal: Gunman…. Means there was only one man who carried out massacre..?? Killed 20 and injured more than 40.. Was he equipped with AK-47 assault rifle??? May God give strength to bereaved families who lost their beloved ones in such cowardice attack.. Blessing from India..
  • Cindy Tyler: So incredibly angry that this isnt being reported as thoroughly as other American shooting incidents. These people died in a TERROR attack! They are important, they deserve to be seen and remembered. Straight, white people aren’t the only ones in this nation. *As now 50 people are confirmed dead, making this the worst mass shooting in US history, more networks are picking up the story. *As has been correctly pointed out to me, race should not be brought into this. It was a comment on past traditional coverage, not this one. We are all equal.
  • Christina Cashell: ” An attack against gays or any other minority, is an attack against all of humanity. If you don’t stand up for those different from yourself, you stand with the enemy and FURTHER THE ACTS OF TERRORISM. ” cc
  • J Alonso Garcia: Seems crazy that every time something like this happens , they say “act of terrerisims tied to Islam bla bla bla” I believe the guy had something against gay people, why don’t we ever hear anymore about this Islamic people bombing or shooting government places?!? Why is it that it always has to be incident people and not the people that actually started this war ? Just something to think about people. Might be even be set up by the government for you to start saying stuff like , let build a bigger wall, let’s hate them immigrants , think a little people think a little . May all them victims now rest in peace
Joy Brown Crosby:
Omar Saddiqui Mateen. Domestic Terrorist.
Last night you perpetrated the Worst Mass Shooting in US History on our beautiful city.
You went into a nightclub and did this:
  • Shot 50 beautiful souls dead 😰
  • 53 beautiful people injured by gunshot 😰 and yet, 0 of them ever did anything to you
You remind us that we need to change many many laws. You remind us that we need to be more tolerant, but never of your views. And you remind us that your faction must never be allowed to exist or grow.
May I ask my friends to share this in peace and honor of the hundreds of people effected by this today 🙏🏻🕯
Our whole area is affected today. We realize that now we are a city effected by terror. We are part of that club now, and it’s not a good feeling.