We were never ready for the amount of hostility that was dished out in front of us as Ron shows us what it means to be a bitter bride.
Never in our wildest dreams did we think we’d be introduced to the rudest, coldest, and most unwelcoming bride in the history of #OPW.
We’re still recovering from her sheer hostility towards guest presenter Jessica Nkosi.
On Sunday night, we were introduced to couple Ron and Anish, who were soon to be Mr and Mrs Folorunsho.
You would think that a woman who is about to get married would be the happiest person on earth, but haai shem, not Ron.
We first suspected that there was something absolutely off-ish about the bridezilla the minute she appeared on screen.
And what was up with her constant stank face, though?
A smile wouldn't hurt you know, but who are we kidding, even when she smiled it looked like it hurt.

You’d also swear that she was being forced to marry Anish by how distant she sat next to him.

The only good thing about Ron was her make-up. The make-up artist did a great job on her as she was almost unrecognisable.
In the words of one of the viewers: "Thou shalt respect the abilities of make-up."

This wedding ceremony was actually okay, but was sadly shadowed by Ron's inexcusable behaviour.
We could list all the times she showed Jessica flames with her rudeness, but the last straw was when she blatantly overlooked Jessica when asked about her bridesmaids.

We were so shocked we had to rewind that moment twice to actually believe it happened.

Thank goodness Anish was there to restore order. If he was also unaccommodating we don't know how Jessica would handle a hostile groom and bride.
We'd also like to commend Anish for his suit, he looked absolutely dashing.
Throughout the entire episode, we couldn't figure out why Ron was so mean to Jessica every time she spoke to her. There is no doubt that Jessica is an attractive woman, but honestly aren't you confident enough to know that your man has his eyes set only on you - especially on your wedding day?
Insecurity is so ugly and unattractive.
This tweet is spot on, maybe this is what happened and Ron never forgot.
Some viewers were so revved up with the bridezilla's actions they actually wished Anele Mdoda was the one presenting on that day. Not that Jessica was doing a bad job but because they thought Anele would've put the bride in her place and we agree, Anele is not the one to be messed with.
We rate this wedding a 5/10.
We wish Anish the best of luck. As for Ron... haai sana uwrongo!

Source: zalebs
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