Millions of South African men are rushing to clinics and hospitals to have their 4-5s pimped.

According to statistics, more men were embracing medical circumcision and had heeded the call by the department of health to get the snip.
Health spokesman Joe Maila said more than 3-million men had gone for the chop from public health institutions since 2010 when the campaign was launched.
"We want to reach 4.3-million men by the end of the 2016/17 financial year," said Maila.
According to the Word Health Organisation, more than 10-million men sought voluntary medical circumcision in the sub-Saharan Africa over the last five years.
The United Nations health agency said medical circumcision reduced chances of men contracting sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and Aids, by about 60%.
One of the private hospitals that specialises in male circumcision in the country said they had seen a 42% increase in the number of circumcisions since 2012.
The Urology Hospital in Pretoria, Africa's only specialised urology institution, attributes the increase to people being aware of the health advantages of circumcision.
The hospital's Dr Odion Aire said: "The acceptance of circumcision has increased in the population due to the increasingly publicised awareness of its health advantages.
"For example, HIV transmission decrease and hygiene improves.
"The advantages of circumcision are evident, the practice of neonatal circumcision is not a generally accepted practice for cultural and religious reasons.
"In some cultures and religions it is not bad to have it done at birth, while in others, it's not a recommended practice."
Dr Aire said surgical circumcision could be done during any season, contrary to popular belief that it should only be performed in winter.
Source: sundayworld