Lerato Kganyago went on a Twitter blocking spree after comments she made about rape in South Africa got major flak.

The Metro FM DJ took to Twitter on Saturday to talk about how concerned she was about the issue.
She noted that every week she sees a rape case on her timeline.
Lerato then encouraged black women to speak up against the crime.

Her followers pointed out that it was not easy to just speak up, because, a) people do not believe them, b) they get blamed, or c) family members simply remain silent - especially if the victim is a relative.
One follower,@noirpaz  , exchanged a few tweets with Lerato about the matter, and ended up getting blocked by the DJ.

Lerato tried to defend her comments - which you think would not be hard, especially considering her heart was in the right place.
Sadly, she failed miserably.
She responded @noirpaz by telling her: “Lets sort out your BIO first!”
The Twitter user's bio reads: "my p*ssy a mean b*tch". 

Lerato's response did not sit well with her followers, who felt she was insinuating that her bio could actually be part of the problem.
The drama did not end there. Lerato also blocked fashion blogger Brett Robson, who not only questioned how she could speak on another woman's rape, but also dissed her spelling.