RAPPER KWESTA has a lot to celebrate.
His album Dakar II finally reached gold status, the video of his hard-hitting single Ngud’ has over two million views on YouTube and his latest single with AKA and Tweezy Day One is getting lots of positive response from fans.

He is also reaching out to different African artists for collaborations.
Kwesta told SunBuzz that it was exciting to finally achieve what he’s always dreamed of. “I worked hard on the album and I am glad people are receiving it positively.” 

He added that he worked on it every day for four months, recording it at different studios with lots of well-known and upcoming producers. 

“The album has been out for three months and I am happy with how it is going.”
Kwesta said he opened his social media platforms for upcoming producers to contribute their beats and it was an exciting experience. 

In the process he discovered new talent through hip hop duo TLT.
“I have decided to take the guys under my wing and we pretty much travel together, do interviews and they are always there when I go to the studios,” he said. 

He revealed that although he could not give the guys a lot of money, affording them the opportunity to learn about the industry and share what he has was a good idea. 

Speaking about his relationships with AKA and Tweezy, Kwesta said the single Day One celebrates their time together in the music industry. 

“We basically started our careers at the same time and although we never got to work together, we were always featured on the same tracks or albums. 

“This single is the first work we have done together,” he added

Source: dailysun