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Kelly Khumalo says for me Molemo (Jub Jub) doesn't exist,

“He was very sweet but I think we all lose ourselves especially when drugs are involved. He had his demons and I had mine‚” Kelly explained.

The Asine star sat down with MTV Base Africa for an inclusive feature entitled Behind The Story: Kelly Khumalo to set the record straight on her controversial private which has hogged headlines over the years.
Kelly held nothing back and did not mince her words during the one hour exposé.

One of the aspects of Kelly’s life that the interview delved into was her rocky romance with Jub Jub.
The singer revealed that she would be lying if she said their romance was all bad.
The background:
Kelly recalled how she and Jub Jub met in the industry and before they knew it‚ they were in love.
“He was very sweet but I think we all lose ourselves especially when drugs are involved. He had his demons and I had mine‚” Kelly explained.
Allegations of abuse:
Kelly said that things started spiralling out of control when she fell pregnant. “I am pregnant. He’s not there. He’s never there. He’s drugging. There’s other women. That’s when things started getting very heavy for me‚” she said.
Speaking about an incredibly low time in her life‚ Kelly said that being in an abusive relationship along with her drug addiction played a pivotal role in her becoming a “shadow of herself.”
Jub Jub’s arrest:
Kelly did not mince her words when she said she has nothing to feel guilty about‚ where Molemo is concerned.
When asked by MTV presenter Sizwe Dhlomo what that time was like in her life‚ Kelly described it as confusing.
“I was left confused‚ hurt and broken. I was a first time mother and I was trying to support a partner who’s very abusive both physically and emotionally.”
Kelly said that at the time of Jub Jub’s arrest her career was suffocating because of the association‚ and she just needed to get out.
“You can only do so much and I remember feeling‚ I’m tired of this nonsense. There’s so much drugging‚ there’s so much abuse — I had enough and I had to let go.”
On sharing a child with Jub Jub:
Kelly told Sizwe that if Jub Jub is released soon he will have a restraining order against him. When questioned about the son they share‚ Kelly replied: “A child he has never supported? A child who’s mother he abused in front of?“
She also made it clear that there’s no space for Jub Jub in her life. “For me Molemo doesn’t exist.”
Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maarohanye is currently serving jail time after being convicted of culpable homicide.
It has been reported that the musician will be eligible for parole at the end of 2016.
Attempts to get comment from Jub Jub’s legal team on the allegations proved unsuccessful.
Source: sowetanlive

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