Ever since MTV Base Africa revealed that it would be running the feature Behind the Story: Kelly Khumalo, fans had been eagerly waiting for the interview, which aimed to set the record straight on issues which have seen Kelly become the talk of the town.
During the interview, Kelly bared her soul to the entire nation about her controversial romance with slain Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa.
Kelly found herself making headlines on tabloids across the country when news emerged that she was carrying Senzo's child, who was still married at the time.
When Senzo was killed during a botched robbery outside Kelly's family home in Vosloorus, the singer once again faced an immense amount of public backlash and Senzo's family.
Reflecting on her whirlwind romance with the soccer star, Kelly told MTV Base VJ Sizwe Dhlomo that as much as she loved Senzo, "that relationship was a waste of my time and energy."
On dating a 'married man'
Kelly claims that she did not know he was married when they met and only found out a few months later.
"I was not aware that he was married. I feel like it was selfish of him not disclose that he was married and I will always feel like I was conned into the relationship based on dishonesty."
Kelly told Sizwe that she found out about Senzo's wife after allegedly having a 'woman' stalk her.
"We were driving in convoy and this woman was trying to push me off the road. I stopped the car and that's when she started calling me all sorts of names. When I found out I kicked him out of my house immediately."
Apparently within a week Senzo had returned to Kelly's house saying that he wanted to work on their relationship and that she was who he wanted to be with.
Kelly says as much as she gave him a second chance she didn't fully trust him.
"I never met Senzo's family and don't wish to," Kelly says.
When asked about the comments Senzo's father Sam Meyiwa has made about her in the media, Kelly explained that she had never met his family and doesn't wish to.
"I don't know the guy (Sam), I've never met him, I've never spoken to him. They called me all sorts of names and I don't think I would gel with people like that."
Setting the record straight on refusing to release Senzo's belongings from her house, Kelly said that was far from the truth.
"If the guy was living with me where else would his belongings be? All I told them was that they could get his belongings from the wife that they had been acknowledging. But of course none of his belongings were with her."
Kelly also revealed that she doesn't want Senzo's money nor does she need it to take care of Thingo. "That's her money which they can keep until she is grown."
Dealing with the backlash:
It was when Sizwe asked Kelly about dealing with the immense amount of public backlash after Senzo's death, that the singer bared her soul.
"If he made his point clear while he was still alive. I would not have gone through what I went through when he died."
The songstress revealed that just before Senzo died he told her that she could be comfortable in their relationship and that he loved her.
Kelly added that even though he told her that, he failed to make his point clear to his family and everyone else. "I stand for what I believe in. And I feel like he had no backbone."
The night Senzo was killed:
Kelly revealed that she's the one person who is dying to talk about what happened that night, especially because his fans and everyone wants to know what happened, but unfortunately the law dictates that she can't talk about it as it will jeopardise the investigation.
"I will talk about it when the time is right."
All Kelly wants now is for Senzo's killers to be brought to book.