Connie Ferguson who plays Karabo Moroka in Generations : The Legacy, has finally decided to give up and change her birth name to Karabo Moroka.

Although she has had many criticizing her decision including her husband, Shona Ferguson, Karabo said she just can’t shake the association with the role.

‘It’s all I ever hear,’ complained the star, ‘even my own inner circle of friends and relatives call me “Karabo”

‘It wouldn’t be so bad if it was occasional, but it’s always “Karabo. I can not remember the last time someone called me Connie” said Karabo.

The registrar charged with performing the name-changing task, said, ‘It was mad. Karabo came in saying that she wanted to change her name to ‘Karabo Moroka!’

The 45 year-old mother who coincidentally has three cats named Jack, Gadaffi and Cosmo says her decision is final.

Source : iMzansi Satire