It is a known secret that rappers AKA and iFani do not see eye-to-eye.

Last year AKA called iFani out on his album going gold in a day, claiming that a brand had bought the CDs, not fans.
AKA tweeted: “If a brand bought 20000 iFani albums, surely I could get someone to buy the remaining 2K right?” Ever since, things haven’t been lovey-dovey between the two.
iFani finds himself in a conundrum since he is proud of Kiernan Forbes’ achievements but can’t share how happy he is for the “Baddest” rapper.

The “Jonga Ixesha” rapper tweeted over the weekend while AKA was in Los Angeles for the BET Awards, where he was nominated and billed to perform on the BET main stage.
We hope both rappers can sort their issues out for the benefit of South African music.
Source: drum