iFani recently splurged over one million rand on a brand new Mercedes E500 Coupé‚ AMG sports package‚ which he says is a dream come true.

To mark this achievement‚ the rapper posted a lengthy poem-like note about the idea behind success alongside a photo of himself and his new fancy wheels.
“If hardwork was the key to success‚ most Africans would be wealthy.I thought I needed to chase dreams — blood‚ sweat and tears — to be successful and happy.”
iFani continued to let slip his secrets to making his dreams come true.
“I decided to no longer be a slave to my dreams. To care about what my heart‚ mind & body feels. As a result‚ my dreams are now coming to me‚” he revealed.
He further advised his followers and fans to re-evaluate the notion of success‚ and the ‘hard work’ that is attached to it.
“Take care of your feelings‚ they are there to guide you to happiness and happiness attracts success‚” he wrote