The UK has voted to leave the European Union (EU), reports Fin24.
In South Africa the Rand has plunged following the vote, which could affect the local auto industry.
Several automakers expressed their concerns regarding the political matter. 
Affecting the auto industry
An infographic by, shows the official position of of several automakers including Jaguar, Ford, Nissan, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.
The infographic includes how many people in the UK are employed by each automaker and highlights the country's automotive industry.

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Selectcarleasing said: "As the UK is about to make a huge decision regarding its political future, we thought it was important to put together a piece showing the situation in the automotive industry of which we are a part.
"This piece is completely unbiased and is purely to present the views of the industry that have been reported and the naked facts about the industry and its importance to the UK, to try and help others make their up their own minds."
Check out the infographic below:European Reverendum
European Reverendum by SELECT CAR LEASING.