After being an admitted ‘blesser’ for some time, the Sushi King seems to have taken a U-turn and opted to defend the dignity of women.
It seems the “what happens in Durban stays in Durban” rule did not apply at this year’s SA Music Awards (Samas) that took place on Saturday. It has been two days since the event but people are still talking more about Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo’s revealing dress – with most bashing her for “being a bad example to the kids who look up to her” – than they are about any of the award winners.
However, there are some celebrities who have taken a stand against the picture, saying it is unfair for Boity to go through this.
With “Sushi King” Kenny Kunene recently having been vocal about the blesser-blessee trend, calling blessees prostitutes, it was no surprise that he took a stand against Boity’s pictures.

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Kenny took to Twitter to rubbish the lady-bits speculations, saying the reason people were “insulting” Boity was because of her success.
“This is so unfair and insulting on Boity … pity on women who are laughing … Walk tall Boity, your success is killing them,” he tweeted.
702 radio presenter Redi Tlhabi also could not hold back her comments about the dress. She lashed out at the people who retweeted the picture, saying it was obvious that someone had photoshopped it.
“And the MANY RTs….it was SO OBVIOUS image was manipulated. NXm,” she tweeted.

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Boity defended her dress, saying she did not have to explain to anyone about what she put on her body. “I will not wear something that does not make me happy for the sake of pleasing people who are angry at how comfortable I am in my skin. I encourage women to dress as they please, in whatever they feel comfortable in,” she wrote on Facebook.

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The model and Club 808 presenter reiterated Tlhabi’s sentiments, saying she had no choice but to defend the “harsh comments” about the picture being photoshopped by cyberbullies.
“The picture going around of my ‘supposed private parts’ was created/photoshopped by people who revel in cyberbullying,” she tweeted.
This is not the first time Boity’s body has made headlines. Her bottom almost broke the internet when she agreed to pose for Marie Claire’s Na_ked Issue.
Source : Citizen