DJ Euphonik took to Twitter to answer all your questions from how to make it in the industry to what youth day means to him. 
The DJ announced he would be having a live chat with his fans on Tuesday in a tweet that read "@euphonik: I never dreamed of success when I was younger, I just worked my ass off! Join me for #EuphonikYouthDay"
This morning, there was no shortage of questions when the live chat started at 10am. 
"Does being famous or influential mean at times u cnt be authentic 2 urself and live ur life according 2 ur own rules?"
Euphonik's answer: I strive to be me all the time. That's my power. Fame is a by product of what I love doing.
"Where can we see you in 10 yrs to come?
Answer: Fortunately I've found myself. Anything in the future will be both Music and property focused.
"One day when im ready going to pitch my stuff to you ... Hope you will give me that opportunity"
Answer: Definitely! I was once in that position so I know how important it is to hear you out.
"What are the challenges 4rm being a business man during the day and club Dj at night"
Answer: Everything is about balance. Clubs are my office and I respect my workplace.

He even announced that he is looking to release his new album soon when a fan asked him if he would release one this year.
"Definitely. I'm aiming on September."

And of-course, others couldn't help but bring Bonang into it. 
"Do you think AKA was rapping about you when he said "When I see you I guarantee you they gon' witness a criminal act?"
Answer: I doubt it.
People even asked for advice on how to make money. 
"How did you get in to the property business? Whad advice would you give to someone who wants to get into that business?"
Answer: I started wit my own house, rented it out & bought anotha. I stared where I could wit what I had. 
"What it is that you think still needs to be done by the youth before we can all live a worthy life?"
Answer: Educate yourself. Invest in yourself. Stop expecting hand outs and dream big. 
"What challenges did U experience in setting up your property business and what advise would u give to youth who want to be in Prty?"
Answer: Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge!! When you know better you do better!!