The pair recently got into a social media skirmish‚ after AKA took to Twitter to accuse Zinhle of‚ among other things‚ trying to further her career by shading him and making it difficult for him to see their daughter Kairo.
Zinhle responded by asking for respect and telling the rapper that he knew where to find her when he finally decides to grow up.
Speaking to Drum following the explosive exchange‚ Zinhle admits that the fight took its toll on her but that she wants to put it all behind her.
“The Twitter war happened and it’s in the past now‚ but it is what it is. It affected me but it’s part of life‚” she says.
Zinhle reveals that her relationship with AKA has soured and that the pair hardly speak to each other‚ except to discuss their daughter Kairo.
“We talk about the child‚ but not about anything else. We are not fine right now‚” she says.
 Zinhle added that she is sure that her and AKA “will sort it out eventually” and paid tribute to the rapper as a father.
“I don’t know what the definition of a single mother is really‚ because Kiernan (AKA) is a father. He is very involved in the child’s life. We are co-parents‚” she says.
Earlier this week‚ DJ Zinhle told Jacaranda FM that she is happier now than when she was with AKA.
“I am happier now than what I was with him but he gave me a beautiful child‚” she said during an interview on the station