Even though Zinhle has admitted to not being in a good space with ex, AKA, at the moment, she also came clean to Jacaranda FM presenters last week, saying that she is "happy and stable." Could this be because she has a new love in her life?

In an interview with Anele Mdoda on 947, Zinhle spoke about the new man in her life. 
The DJ was caught off guard when Anele questioned her about her love life, after she came across a suspicious tweet. In the tweet Zinhle spoke about a meal she was having, mentioning how she would like to tell “someone” about it.
“Who did you wanna tell?” Anele asked. To which Zinhle giddily responded, “ I wanted to tell bae.”
She quickly covered it up by adding, “it’s not bae, bae.”
But before Zinhle had the chance to change the subject completely, Anele quickly interrupted by talking about how amazing a new relationship can be when you’re still “excited about the SMS’s”.
Nevermind the SMS’s, it seems Zinhle enjoys the phone calls more. “He’s got the most amazing voice in the world,” she told the presenter.
Although she did not say too much about her new man, Zinhle did confirm that he is not a rapper, but he does wear a “very expensive suit”.
We hope to get a glimpse of her new bae soon, for now, the DJ says, “It’s not like official, official.”
Take a listen to the full clip here:

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