The actress, who is clearly loving life in Europe, is keeping fans back home updated on everything that's going on in her life.
From her new hairdo's to her trendy fashion sense - it seems like Denise doesn't want you to miss out on any details.
So, naturally, when she bought herself a trendy yet loose fitting pair of checkered pants, she showed it off.
But it seems like some fans were more interested in what seems like a bulge around her stomach. (Caused by the loose fitting pants?)
Some fans jumped at the opportunity to resurrect those pregnancy rumours which Denise has shot down on numerous occasions.
"Still not pregnant wrote one fan," wrote one fan.
Denise ignored the comments, which were later deleted.
In February this year Denise shut down rumours that she was expecting by posting a series of pictures, which showed off her toned abs and smoking-hot bikini bod.
Can't the girl just wear a pair of pants and eat a pie?