Although English proved to be a challenge for some of the family members, this episode of Date My Family was rather interesting.

This past week’s bachelor was a bit different… purely because it was a white guy.

Viewers of the show were introduced to television freelancer, Steven. A handsome gentleman who has been single for the past three years and was ready to get into the dating game again.

Steven, who came across as quite a chilled guy, had dinner with Dimakatso, Lebo, and Precious’ families.

As expected, Dimakatso was surprised to see a white guy walk into her house. Dimakatso, who had mentioned that she was simply looking for a guy to pass time with, expressed that Steven was cute - apart from his huge glasses.

Huh? We saw nothing wrong with Steven’s glasses, Dimakatso’s family was boring hence we can’t recall what they spoke about.

But then were introduced to Lebo's family.

Lebo's mom pulled out all the guns asking him very difficult questions like if he has a sustainable income and what car he drove.

Lebo's mom gave us chest pains when she told Steven that being a freelancer is like taking chances.

Ooh that hurt, especially for some of us who are freelancers!

She hammered the last nail in the coffin when she mentioned that Steven was driving a starter pack (a cheap car). Well, at least Steven has a car, riding on Putco buses and waiting in long cue’s at Noord taxi rank is no fun. We’d trade in using public transport for a starter pack any day!

Then there was Lebo's uncle who did not seem impressed with Steven at all. We still can’t believe he asked him about lobola negotiations.

Errr... this is a dating show, not a marriage proposal. We found it funny how Lebo's uncle did not smile at all! And how her brother in law was taken aback at the fact that Steven is white. It really took them by surprise.

But no family was as surprised as Precious' family. Precious' three friends were pleasantly surprised at seeing a white man walk into their living room.

Unfortunately, the surprise quickly turned into anxiety as the friends weren’t too sure of their English.

It’s ok ladies, not everyone is fluent in English, rather be fluent in your own indigenous language than that of a foreign one.

Lebo’s family was so accommodating and hilarious too, even Steven found himself bursting out in laughter whilst being entertained by the three ladies.

Steven hit the jackpot with most ladies across the country when he said he'd be willing to go to the mountains to get circumcised for his offspring if it need be.

Although we wanted Steven to choose Precious, he opted for Lebo, which we think was a good choice. Their date looked amazing and the two were just so comfortable in each others presence.

As for Dimakatso, not wanting to take the bottle made her seem like a sore loser.

Mzansi Magic please let us know how the second date went. Lebo and Steven look like they'll be dating for a while.

Hopefully Lebo will also help Steven with his fashion sense, we're not over those hideous white shoes he wore on their date.
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Image Credit: Facebook