Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa charmed his audience‚ particularly the Gauteng ANC leadership‚ when‚ in his closing remarks in his address at the provincial government economic Indaba in Johannesburg‚ he recited a poem dedicated to the province.
Ramaphosa‚ who counts the ANC provincial leadership among the party structures which would support him when the party holds its elective congress next year‚ received wild applause for his recital.
He told delegates that as he was driving into the venue‚ "I wrote a little poem about this wonderful province".

He then recited the poem.

"Gauteng! Gauteng! the province of my home‚ you have always occupied a special and welcoming place in my heart.

You continue to welcome everyone from far and afield. Many have crafted their dreams around you.

You are a smallest of provinces and yet you have the biggest embrace.

Many continue to come to you and find shelter and homes‚ and comfort‚ wealth and health."
In his address Ramaphosa said Gauteng was the nerve centre of the country.

"Gauteng is not only the economic hub of the country but it is at the centre of everything that happens in South Africa. Gauteng carries the future of the country on its shoulders.

"Whether you like it or not but when you are in Gauteng just know that this province is not only special but it carries the future of this country on its shoulders."

He said the provincial government should focus more on the manufacturing sector which had the potential to grow the economy and create employment.

"The manufacturing sector is practically the only sector where we can coherently lead economic recovery and create jobs on a meaningful scale.

"There is conceivable evidence that manufacturing production almost never expands unless there is strong government input.

"But we must not lose focus on any other sectors. I am glad to note that the Gauteng government is determined not only to support business but to also have close partnership with business to create economic growth and create jobs especially for the youth.

"We often say we want the private sector to come in and invest‚ but the private sector often waits to see the extend of government’s commitment to a particular sector and here in Gauteng you have much more than government commitment."