Earlier in June 2016, Arrive Alive reported on several startling stories of hijackers adopting a new tactic to prey on South African motorists. A statement posted by Arrive Alive read: "We received some info of a possible body lying on the road near the R102.
"On inspection it was noticed that the body was in fact not real and clothing and bags rolled up to look like one. This could possibly be used day or night to trick you to stop and check to see if the person is okay. "Please be vigilant and report any irregularities to the South African Police Service so that it can be checked out."
Johan Jonck, editor of Arrive Alive, shares his insights: "By law there is no legal obligation to stop and assist a road crash victim, unless you have been the driver causing the injury. It is, however, the kindness of the motoring public that motivates a driver to stop and assist. "It is this kindness that's exploited by hijackers to take 'easy' possession of a motorists most likely to be unarmed and with his/her vehicle still running."  Jonck says criminals believe a 'kind-hearted motorist' stopping to assist could be less likely to offer physical resistance.
Jonck concludes: "We believe an informed road user is a more alert and cautious road user. We (Arrive Alive) will strive to keep our road users updated and informed of hijacking and other techniques used by criminals to take ownership of their vehicles."