Possibly the biggest question we have right now, what could Bonang Matheba possibly do that she hasn’t done yet? She’s slain everything she did, from being a host, to radio personality, to business woman to having gone on to presenting the popular SABC 1 music show Live Amp, you name it, she’s done it.

We just wonder, what’s next for Queen B?

In an interview with Marie Claire Magazine in their July issue Queen B replied our long unanswered question.

She told the magazine “I want my own talk show- definitely a national broadcaster.” Now that she’s pretty much conquered radio she wants to move on to taking over TV and slaying her own talk show.

The concept she has in mind for her talk show is pretty hard hitting, she told the magazine “Think of something fun with gravitas and substance that cuts across all races and ages, something that is hard-hitting. A platform where you can talk about fashion but also rape and women’s abuse and child abuse.”

She wants to throw the table open to speak about everything, and leave no stone un-turned saying; “women are multifaceted. One day we want to talk about fashion, the next about wine, but when shit hits the fan we want to talk about that too and also about abuse and racism”.

Source: Marie Claire July Issue
Pic: Bonang Matheba Instagram Page