BONANG Matheba has diva tendencies!
So said Ukhozi FM’s Selby Mkhize and Tshatha Ngobe, of the afternoon drive show Woza Nabangani Bakho.
The co-presenters were talking to celebrities arriving in Durban for the South African Music Awards on Saturday.
Selby said: “Bonang had just landed. I greeted her and asked for an interview. She rudely said ‘I don’t do random interviews’ and left me standing there.
“I was shocked, traumatised, disappointed and hurt!”
He went on: “I had already interviewed dozens of celebrities, but she was the only one who behaved like that.
“She could have turned me down politely, without throwing her diva fit.”
Tshatha told the People’s Paper: “It’s disappointing that Bonang undermines the second biggest radio station in Africa.”
Sunday Sun contacted Bonang who denied the incident.
“No . . . I know Tshatha and Selby, but the incident didn’t happen.
“They’re not telling the truth,” said Queen B.
Source : dailysun