Boity is one of the biggest fan of Mzansi Magic popular Sunday TV Our Perfect Wedding, Igazi, and Date My Family. Crazy 21 tweets for Date My Family , 11 tweets for Our Perfect Wedding and 18 tweets for Igazi.

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Boity Tweets About Date My Family

  1. Nazo! #DateMyFamily
  2. Dude is aging well. #DateMyFamily
  3. Did he say he is more like friends with his children than he is a father? #DateMyFamily
  4. I actually love today's episode. #DateMyFamily
  5. There's this mature, realistic aspect to tonight's ep. #DateMyFamily
  6. Everyone defeated by "Three baby mamas". #DateMyFamily
  7. He has a happens, kaloku. #DateMyFamily
  8. Lebitso la die maan ke Golden? Kenaga lea dlala. #DateMyFamily
  9. the friends are judgemental AF! #DateMyFamily
  10. This is a good episode, actually. Real talk. I feel like the true purpose of #DateMyFamily is being realized. Wabona?
  11. Because Golden ke motho o godileng.
  12. I dig Michelle. :) #DateMyFamily
  13. You can tell he has children by the way he is communicating with these kids. It's bloody cute! #DateMyFamily
  14. Michelle has done a lovely job with these kids.  #DateMyFamily
  15. Golden is such a cool dude. I dig him, man!  #DateMyFamily
  16. I love how he trusts the children enough to have a mature conversation with them. Brilliant!  #DateMyFamily
  17. What the entire actual HELL???!! #DateMyFamily
  18. Hacked for yonks!!  #DateMyFamily
  19. Huh?? What she say?  #DateMyFamily
  20. Her laugh is contagious.  I'm busy laughing now. #DateMyFamily
  21. Well, they seem to get along very well so  #DateMyFamily

Boity Tweets About Perfect Wedding

  1. Hawu, Kimton why a didimala ka ngwana mare obatla go nyala? #OPW
  2. The bride's hair, fam! Solid hair goals. #OPW
  3. The bride is soooo cute and petite! She's part of the Itty bitty committee.  #OPW
  4. The bride reminds me of my bestie, Gala!  #OPW
  5. Death by that "50cent's Lil Bit" ringtone!  #OPW
  6. So kind and tactful of @Anele to help calm the bride. She said EXACTLY what the bride wanted and needed to hear. #OPW
  7. Gorgeous Bride. #OPW
  8. The bridesmaids' dresses are very pretty.  #OPW
  9. Awuzwe Kabelo!! YAAAAASSSS papa!! Do your thang, bheyps! #OPW
  10. That kid was like "Yeeey! Too soon" #OPW 
  11. Shucks! Look at how yummy the bride looks in her second dress. GORGEOUS!!! #OPW

Boity Tweets About Igazi

  1. Yes, Phumza! #iGazi
  2. Little do they know... #iGazi
  3. Can Queen Mother please not die! #iGazi
  4. Nomarussia ke Moloi wa last number. Moloi wa baloyi! #iGazi
  5. NOOOOOOO MAN!!!!!! Haai haai haai!!!! #iGazi
  6. Nomakhezi is really dead??? I know...that the writers would let us have some peace.  #iGazi
  7. So Nomarussia has gotten away with two murders? Awu, ngeke! #iGazi
  8. Phumza looking super upper now.  #iGazi
  9. I hope this kid will save the day!! #iGazi
  10. The worst thing is that, Nomarussia is evil, but not powerful. Her power is S'cotho. She's basically NOTHING!! SMFH!! #iGazi
  11. Jeez, this kid made me nervous! Taking an hour to open that damn door!! Yeses! #iGazi
  12. FML!! #iGazi
  13. Guys, COME ON!!!!!! @FERGUSON_FILMS Awu, guys...why lere sotlha yana?  #iGazi
  14. I hope Phila managed to take pictures of Noma and Khonjwayo! #iGazi
  15. Nah, fam...I won't be able to watch if NomaR kills Queen Momz too.  #iGazi
  16. The kid Phila saved the day!!  Finally...something good-ish happens tonight! #iGazi
  17. Wago loya seaparo saga Queen Momz! Fok! #iGazi
  18. About that "saved the day" ish..... NEVER MIND!  #iGazi