Do you credit Photographer or social media source, Austin Malema voice his anger over media outlet credit Instagram over photographers hard work.

His point? Photographers don't get enough credit for their work.
1. You guys are seeing the wrong side of this... Photographers don't get enough credit for their work.
2. Media outlets credit @instagram as a photographer.. How sway ? How ? Does Instagram take photos? Does it set the iso and angles?
3. Crediting goes along way for both you and me.
5.Patiently waiting on @instagram to remove this image of Bonang's account
5. Every photographer works hard to get the beautiful shot or perfect shot but we not do it for free

But it turns out some of those snaps technically don't belong to her.
A photographer named Austin Malema put the TV and radio personality on blast after she shared a pic he took of her on Instagram, without giving him any credit for it.
Pearl captioned the snap: "I don't know who took this pic but [heart emoji]."
But it turns out the photographer had already posted the pic and tagged Pearl. All he wanted was for her to #CreditThePhotgrapher.
He reported the picture and Instagram has since removed it from Pearl's page. The Lip Sync Battle Africa host hit back at the photographer.

According to Austin, he also reported a picture he took of Bonang Matheba and AKA at the South African Music Awards (SAMAs) as no credit was given to him. The snap, which was posted on Bonang's Instagram page, has also since been removed.
His point? Photographers don't get enough credit for their work.

It looks like Pearl got the message, or is she mocking Austin by crediting herself? Hmmm...

Image Credit : Austin Malema / Instagram/Pearl Thusi