Actor Atandwa Kani says he agrees with rapper AKA’s stance on local artists being given their rightful dues and respect in South Africa.

Atandwa opened up about this during an interview with Bongani Mtolo on East Coast Urban radio. During the conversation when Atandwa was asked how he feels about local stories like that Mandela story being told with a Hollywood star in the lead, he said he understood that it was about money but he agreed with AKA.

“I am taking an AKA stance on this, we shouldn’t be second in our own country. If we are good enough to win awards in this country why are we all of a sudden not good enough to be the leads in these films? So why give us awards? Don’t give me best actor, if I am not good enough to play Steve Biko in the next big movie,” Atandwa said.

Atandwa went on to explain that there will never be a time we will see someone like him play Malcolm X if Denzel Washington is there.

“Why do we allow then to infiltrate us? Its another form of colonisation,” he added.

Source: East Coast Radio