Orlando Shooting Video Liveleak – This video was posted by Anthony Torres, one of the lucky people who escaped from the Pulse nightclub unhurt

This Orlando Shooting Video is doing rounds on social media and video sites like Youtube and Liveleak. Its one of a series of videos that were posted by one Anthony Torres on Facebook. He is one of the people who escaped from the pulse Nightclub in Orlando without being hurt.

Before he posted about three Orlando Shooting Videos, Anthony Torres had posted a short clip showing inside the Pulse CLub. The clip shows revellers having fun and dancing, oblivious of the fact that a terror attack was about to happen
Below, video recorded by Anthony Torres from inside the Pulse Club beforethe shooting started 
In this other video, the caption reads:
They are just pulling people out in stretchers loading them up.. Omg please god let everyone make it – tonight was supposed to be a fun night!! One more minute and we would of been shot or worse.. Thank god we got to our car in time ..