In an interview with a hip-hop music blog, Jabulani ‘Jabba’ Tsambo expressed his deep dislike for new school hip-hop music, trap.
“I cannot stand trap music, not because of what it sounds like but because of the content. How many times are we gonna be listening to people sing about about b*tches, champagne and cars?” said Jabba.
He also shared his views about young people being disrespectful based on them making money: “I don’t give a f%&# how many endorsements I have, I’ve made a lot of millions in my career, but I will never say I am better than Teezer or SpokesH. I hate these disrespectful youngsters,” he said.
He threatened that the next time someone says something about him, he will not hesitate to beat them: “I’m not a North god, I’m not about that US bulls%&t, I’m not about that Cassper AKA bulls%&t,” he exclaimed.
Jabba also touched on the alleged dispute with 23 year old rapper Emthembeni “Emtee’ Ndevu:”Emtee and I are cool but this should be a lesson to kids, don’t say something about someone unless you saying some dope sh&#, Jabba added.
Source: drum