1. Samsung 'Voices of Life'
Score: 9

Samsung's global "Voices of life" campaign uses its app and speaker technology to enable mums to transmit both their voice and heartbeat to their premature baby inside an incubator, helping them develop a bond with their child early on.

Tackling the fact that the 15 million premature babies born each year lose the soothing sound of the womb when born early, this campaign empowers mothers across the world to help their child through technology.
The video immediately engages viewers as it opens with a distressing scene of a mother in hospital set to the thumping sound of a heartbeat. A mother explains firsthand how not being able to hold your baby once born is one of the hardest things in life. Combined with real life images of premature babies, the video takes a bold approach to the issue, while coming up with tangible solutions.
This brand aligns itself with themes such as development and growth, demonstrating how a simple mobile phone can be used to communicate with loved ones in ways consumers never thought possible.

2. McDonald’s 'McTrax'
Score: 8.8

Who would have thought a paper placemat could be transformed into an interactive music making tool? McDonald’s surprised audiences with their latest campaign in the Netherlands, introducing McDonald’s McTrax. 

This music production tool cleverly interacts with smartphones through conductive ink and Bluetooth technology, enabling customers to create a beat whilst they grab a bite.
Creators of the Happy Meal, McDonald’s is no stranger to quirky toys and activities. However, this time they’ve geared their entertainment towards millennials. Created by creative agency TBWA\Neboko in the Netherlands, the product encourages customers to download the app in order to make tunes through synths and audio samples, transforming a fast-food meal into an engaging experience that keeps consumers in restaurants for longer.
McTrax appeals to both large social groups, as well as the individual consumer, keeping up with contemporary consumer eating habits. McDonald’s McTrax calls out to the tech-savvy customer through a playful approach. This campaign is a fantastic example of how a low budget idea can create great impact.

3. Shell '#Makethefuture'
Score: 8.5

Forming part of Shell’s #Makethefuture campaign and highlighting the need for sustainable energy in Africa, Shell has teamed up with RnB star Akon creating a music video that encourages young people to get creative.

Filmed in Lagos, Nigeria, the video is shot on location at Africa’s very first football pitch that generates energy from the sun. A truly revolutionary idea, the pich captures kinetic energy generated from footsteps. By powering the floodlights in a sustainable way, the technology enables teenagers to play at night and inspires young entrepreneurs to think big.
The campaign demonstrates the power of technology and addresses the fact that more than one billion people worldwide still live without electricity. Akon brings positivity to the issue from the moment he walks onto the pitch and inspires the local community through his music.
Shell takes a tech-savvy approach to renewable energy. Initially released on Facebook, the company has used the power of social to reach its audiences. Akon also spoke to HuffPost for a Facebook Live interview in which he delved into his experience going back to Lagos.
Shell combines innovative technology, inspiring music and relevant talent to engage their audience and inspire them to think sustainably.

4. HostelWorld '50 Cent'
Score: 8.2

Hostelworld is known for its whimsical campaigns, and the budget accommodation brand's latest crusade has enlisted one of hip-hop's most controversial pioneers, 50 Cent.

In this campaign created by Lucky Generals, the rapper sets off for Barcelona to get his first taste of hostel life in a parody of MTV's popular noughties show Cribs, which documented the lavish abodes of the rich and famous. Perhaps the reason why this ad is so enjoyable is due to our love of nostalgia. He’s even got several gold chains hung in a wardrobe, which shows you really can have "all the bling without the sting".
Arguably, this is a natural partnership between Hostelworld and the "In Da Club" rapper, known more recently for his legal battles that saw him file for bankruptcy.
Throughout the two-minute clip, Fiddy proves he does not need to compromise on the glitz and glamour that he's so accustomed to.
Published on 19 May, the video has already amassed over 146K views on YouTube.

5. Orbit Gum 'Anthem'
Score: 8

In this latest campaign for Orbit chewing gum, Wrigley’s has chosen an aspirational, and some might say earnestly creative direction. In an ode to free will and seizing the moment with confidence, this film follows various gum chewers as they discover their "Time to shine".

Over the course of a minute, we see them in a variety of scenarios as they prepare to take on their next big moment. Whether it’s a considered, life changing decision or a spontaneous act, Orbit wants you to be ready for whatever opportunities life throws at you.
This film is a departure from Orbit’s usual ad spots, which have typically focused on the product message of giving you that "Just brushed clean feeling".
By focusing on an inspirational message, Wrigley’s is following the trend for brands to tap into a genuine human insight and emotional purpose. It’s a clever way to elevate the brand beyond a pure product sell, and the long-form format works well by allowing the viewer to invest in the individual storylines.
Following last year’s hit film "Sarah & Juan" for Wrigley’s Extra, the brand has clearly found a successful strategy in dialling up the emotion and building a deeper emotional connection with the consumer.
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Source: campaignlive