In a bid to drastically reduce patient waiting times, the City of Joburg has introduced an electronic health record, called e-Health@ Joburg, at all its 81 public healthcare facilities.

The core of the system is an electronic health record containing historic and current patient demographic details and clinical information. In addition, the record will contain treatment plans for all clinical conditions, customised to individual patients.

The system was announced last year at an ehealth conference, when the city said it plans to have all patient records at clinics and hospitals completely digitised and hosted on a streamlined system by next year, at a cost of R300 million.

The system will also send SMSes and e-mails to remind patients of their appointments. Member of the mayoral committee for health and social development Nonceba Molwele said the electronic health system would transform the city’s health department, as it would ensure that each person had one healthcare record, which would be easily accessible at various healthcare facilities.

“This system is about the city moving from paper to digital to reduce the waiting period significantly,” added Molwele. “The days of losing files are also over now. The era of e-health in the smart city of Johannesburg has started.”

“The introduction of an electronic health system using biometrics will revolutionise the health status of people living in Johannesburg. We are using technology to leap frog into the future,” said Joburg MMC for Health and Social Development and Social Development, Nonceba Molwele.

The e-Health@Joburg system switched on
  1. Sinqobile Clinic; 
  2. Green Village Clinic; 
  3. Nokuphila Clinic; 
  4. Slovoville Clinic; 
  5. Jabavu Clinic; 
  6. Mofolo South Clinic; 
  7. Santy Clinic; 
  8. Zondi Clinic; 
  9. Protea Glen Clinic; 
  10. Elias Motsoaledi Clinic; 
  11. Klipspruit West Clinic; 
  12. Halfway House Clinic; 
  13. Lenasia South Civic Clinic; 
  14. Glenanda Clinic 
  15. 8th Avenue Clinic.

“This is a major investment in the health of all residents and we ask that they protect the equipment against vandalism,” Molwele said.